Our Story

The Tale Of Our Efforts & Success

The Early Days

1997 must have seen a humble beginning, but OPIUM’s growth cutting through stringent competition and catering to a constantly demanding market, made it, in a very short period, one of the leading Entertainment & Production companies in India. It does not come as a surprise to us that all of our clients are happy with us & the new ones are mostly referred by our existing one.

Our Vision

Vision without a task is only a dream. A task without a vision is but drudgery. But vision with a task is a dream fulfilled! Delivering long term connections between brands and their consumers has been at the heart of Opium Group. This to us, comes from staying focused on the needs of brands and having a deep understanding of the consumers in their life-spaces.

We understand that across brand categories, staying connected with the consumer in a self engaging model works like magic. Since 1997 at Opium Group, we have built many such bridges between brands and their consumers, thus helping these brands to stay deeply rooted in the lives of their consumers.

Our Founder

Born on the 6th of August, Cyrus Gorimar was already a rocker in the making. At the age of 3 he started his drumming career banging on empty vessels & milk powder boxes with broom sticks, unable to talk. At 13 he found himself attending his first class, within six months his impatience led him to form his first band called ‘Band Aid’.

Around 1994 he caught up with Vince a bassist, and Devraj a versatile vocalist and John on the guitars, from there it was never looking back. The band played countless amount of shows together for a couple of decades while joining hands with Ferzad the second guitarist and the Band “BRAHMA” was born. Cyrus formed the band “Blue Blood” along with Syd back in 2010 which went on to release their debut album titled Beyond Reached with Emi Virgin worldwide along with a music video on the track “walk away” from the album which was aired on VH1 worldwide.

1997 saw the birth of ‘Opium’, one of the leading entertainment companies in India. Opium has successfully organized and brought down huge international artists in the Indian Musical Arena. Legends like Joe Satriani, Sepultura, Michael Angelo to name a few were performing live for the Indian Community of MusicLovers. Over the last few years Cyrus has diversified Opium into a production house, ranging from advertisements to corporate films & music videos.

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